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Charity Fishing Competition on Saturday 24th June 2017 in aid of District Nurses and Physio Department, Nairn.

A grateful heart patient is organising a charity angling competition to raise funds for the Cardiology Unit at Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. Last year, popular Inverness Angling Club member Alex Elliott was treated at Raigmore Hospital prior to being transferred to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary where he underwent a successful triple heart bypass. Within a few weeks, he was back to his old angling self.

“The cardiology units of the National Health Service gave me my life back,” said Alex. “They have also helped a number of friends over the last few years. This competition is designed to put something back by raising funds for the local unit.”

The competition was staged at Achagour Fishery . An entry fee of £20 will cover a five-hour, two-fish competition, and lunch. By getting sponsors, Alex hoped anglers would raise significant sums, all of which was donated to the Cardiology Unit at Raigmore.

and the winners were:-

Stewart Dickie (raffle organiser) Stewart Mackintosh (fishery owner) and Alex Elliott

Anglers show heartfelt thanks

Over 50 north anglers gathered at the Achagour Trout Fishery on Saturday (April 2) for a sponsored competition to raise funds for the Highland Heartbeat Centre. The event, hosted by Stewart and Margaret Mackintosh raised the amazing total of £5,400. It was organised by Alex Elliott, a popular Inverness Angling Club member, to recognise the work of cardiac specialists following his triple heart bypass last year.

Said Alex: “When I first thought of this, I thought it would be good to raise five to six hundred pounds. Never in my wildest dreams did I think of breaking £5,000. It was made possible by the support of anglers from Inverness Angling Club and many from further afield who are regulars at Achagour. Many thanks guys; you did the Heartbeat Centre, me and yourselves proud.”

Winner of the competition was Robert Mackenzie of Elgin, with two fish for 9lb 12oz, including one of 7lb. The runner-up was Mukund Guring, a Gurka soldier stationed at Fort George, with two fish for 8lb 8oz. Third was Jim Jarvie of Inverness Angling Club, with one fish for 7lb


The first few weeks of the New Year proved to be very productive for anglers visiting Achagour Fishery, near Nairn. Although blustery, bright and cold on many days the fish continued to be active and catches were impressive. Anglers comments included “A Bonny Day”, “Cold but Good” and “a Pleasant Day”, reflecting weather conditions and success! G Smith had 21 fish; J G Fraser 18; A Robson and J Deans, 15 each; G Grant 14; S Phillips 10; J Whyte, W Hunt and D J MacMillan, 7 each. Cormorant, Montana, Cats Whisker, Ace of Spades, Kate McLaren and various Buzzers attracted fish, black and white appearing to be the colour choice for most. A Robson had a cracking Rainbow weighing in at 9lb 2oz; Alex Elliot a fish of 8lb 8oz; John Hamilton 7lb 14oz; D Ritchie 7lb 8oz; Jim Jarvie 6lb 14oz and K Robertson 6lb 12oz. League fishing continues to be competitive with some good bags recorded to date.


February continued to test anglers at Achagour Fishery, near Nairn. Weather conditions were many and varied with comments left by visitors confirming this ( Superb! Cold! Blowy but dry! ). Fish continued to feed well and Alex Elliott caught 18 for his visit; George Smith 17; Stewart Dickie 16; Donald Patience 11 and Barry Mitchell 9. K. Robertson had the best fish of the month to date, a nice Rainbow weighing in at 8lb 12oz; Barry Mitchell and Stevie Graham both 7lbs; Ali Hunter 6lb 12oz and Alan Scott 5lb 8oz . Budgie, snatcher, orange cat, fritz, tailed nymphs and cormorants all accounted for fish.

MARCH 2017

The lochs continue to be productive even if many March days were “Blowy” and “Freezing”. Anglers caught fish on Snatchers, Black Moths, Nomads, Cormorants, Yellow Dancers, Alexandra, Buzzers and Bloodworm. Intermediate lines proved the most effective but when fish were higher in the water on milder days, floating lines also worked well. Best of the bigger fish caught was a 9lb Rainbow by D Wharton; Alex Elliot and Munkund Guring each had a fish of 8lb 8oz; Stevie Graham 8lb; O Mclennan 6lb 9oz and George Skinner 6lb 4oz. George Smith had 17 fish for his visit; J G Fraser 15; Barry Mitchell 12; Spencer and O Mclennan, 11 each; Tom Paterson, D Wharton, Alex Elliot, Lewis Ross and Anthony Robson, 9 each; D Logie and A Sellar, 8 each. With the days lengthening and Easter Holidays not far away many anglers will be looking forward to “surface action” again soon at Achagour. Tight Lines!


Winter League  

First, A Elliot, Second, Anthony Robson and Third, Ronnie Maslin.

The Troutmasters Fish Off was won by John Fraser but as he is unable to attend, Donald Macrae from Skye will represent Achagour Fishery at the Finals later in the year.

MAY 2017

Fishing returns to early May have been excellent. Visitor comments included “Steady all day!”, “Great days fishing!” and “Down from Orkney, a very satisfying day”. M Paterson caught 17 fish for his day; P Bieske and N Scowen, 16 each; Robbie Mackenzie and Barry Mitchell, 15 each; Duncan Mateer and J Andrews, 14 each; S Davidson and David Mateer, 13 each; Kevin Robertson, Anthony Robson and George Smith, 12 each and P Collins, 11.

A few of the bigger fish in the lochs are now being caught. Munkund Guring had a cracker weighing in at 10lb; W Hunt, 9lb 14oz; Robert Bach, 9lb; A Elliot, 8lb; S Cowley, 7lb 4oz; K Molloy, 6lb 12oz; J G Fraser and P Bieske each a fish of 6lb and Jim Jarvie, 4lb 8oz. Orange Zonker, Nomad, Cats Whisker, Yellow Dancer, Bloodworm, Hare’s Ear, Black Pennel and Spider have all taken fish. As the weather warms up fish should continue to feed well and sport can only improve. Tight Lines!

JUNE 2017

The Charity Fishing Competition held on Saturday 24th June 2017 in aid of District Nurses and the Physio Department at Nairn Hospital was very successful and raised £2300. Weather conditions on the day were challenging but all enjoyed their day. On behalf of everyone involved a big thank you is sent to sponsors and anglers for their help with the fund raising.

Competition Results for Seniors : Winner was Willie Hunt with 5lb 8oz; second place was Liam Skinner, 4lb 12oz and third was Mike Cameron, 4lb 10oz. Junior Winner was Fraser Munro, 4lb 8oz; second place John Ritchie 2lb 8oz, third place Zak Baker 2lb 6oz and fourth Bruce Darling.

Fishing has been steady over the last few weeks and J.G. Fraser caught over 20 fish for his visit; S. Devenney 13; Andrew Richie, Allan Dean, Barry Mitchell, Innes MacLoed, Martin Jack, Eddie Nicoll and W. Bartlet, 12 each; Peter Easton, Robbie Mackenzie and D. Wharton 10 each; Ray Stewart 8. Successful fly patterns have included Black Spider, March Brown, Shuttlecock Buzzer, Cats Whisker, Black Pennel, Bloodworm, Orange Sedge and Bibio. Visiting Anglers comments included “Great day!”, “Excellent Fishery” and “Very Pleasant”.


August produced some great sport  -. Brown, Blue and Rainbow Trout were feeding well and rises throughout the day gave anglers good returns. Visitor comments included “Great Day”, All Super Fish”, “Simply the Best”, “Great Session” and “Good Fun”. Younger anglers also made the best of school holiday time and two of note were Jay Warwick, aged six, catching a trout for the first time and nine year old brother Neil landing three. J G Fraser had some good sessions during the month with 28 fish on his best day. Bruce Darling  had 27, his best 6lb; G Smith had three good visits with 16, 17 and 23 fish, his best 3lb 8oz; B Wallace 18; N Camell 15; G Scobie, K Stewart, G Grant and B Mitchell, 11 each; R Mackenzie 10; M Aird and D MacLeod, 9 each; D Mackenzie, A Ritchie, S Hadden and O McLennan, 8 each; A Parish, K Robertson, E Nicoll, W Bartlett, D Potter, D Gordon and B Wright, 7 each. C Simpson had a nice fish of 4lb 2oz; A Dean 3lb 8oz; K Robertson, A Ritchie, E Nicoll, A Sutherland, D Ritchie, E Robertson, R Hunt, B Wright, I Paterson and G Skinner all had fish of 3lb. Many fly patterns were successful during the month including Buzzers, Bloodworm, Nymphs, Traditional Wets, CDC, Sedge, Diawl Bach, Hoppers, Crunchers, Emergers, Shipmans, Cormorant, Montana, Dancers and Zonkers.


The first quarter of 2018 produced weather that did little to encourage anglers to brave wind, rain, snow, ice and low temperatures.  Many did wrap up well and fish continued to be caught. Eventually Easter weekend produced higher temperatures and fish began to show regularly and catches increased accordingly. “Perfect Spring Day” and “Good Rises” confirmed this in the notes section of the Visitors Book. J G Fraser had two great sessions catching 24 and then 16, many in the 3lb to 4lb range; W Bartlett had 15; G Smith caught 13, best 5lb; B Mitchell 12; K Robertson 10, best 3lb; A Ritchie 9, best 4lb 8oz; P Bieske 9, best 3lb 12oz; P Noble 8, best 4lb; S Dickie 6, best 4lb; D Fraser 5, best 3lb 8oz; J Beans, R Rutherford, M Cameron and R Stewart, 5 each. Fish were taken on Damsels, Zonkers, Dancers, Humungus, Squirmy Worms, Nymphs and Buzzers, with dry flies effective on 9 and 10 April. The Bait Loch continues to encourage younger anglers and beginners. The resident Osprey, recently returned from warmer shores also likes a fish from this loch.